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Epigenetic Rx’s ~ 

Healing Your Emotional DNA


One of the leading experts of this new science is Dr. Bruce Lipton. Dr. Lipton is a pioneer in applying the principles of quantum physics to the field of cellular biology. While traditional cell biology focuses on the physical molecules that control our biology, Dr. Lipton’s work focuses on the mechanisms through which energy in the form of our beliefs can affect our biology, including our genetic code. His work tells us that genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

Another pioneer in this burgeoning field is Louse Hay. Dubbed by the Australian media as “the closest thing to a living saint,” Louise is also known as one of the founders of the self-help movement. Her first book, Heal Your Body, was published in 1976, long before it was fashionable to discuss the connection between the mind and body. Her best selling book, “You Can Heal Your Life” is well known for it’s comprehensive list of diseases, the emotional conflicts that create them, and the positive affirmations one can implement to correct those limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns. It has become the “go to” reference for holistic healers around the world as they help their patients get to the “root cause” of their various ailments.

Based on all of this scientific research, we now know that it is not the DNA alone that creates disease, rather it’s the beliefs we hold onto so strongly that they rule our life, and in turn are governing our health as well. Actually it’s not only “our” beliefs, it’s the beliefs passed on from generation to generation that are held in our subconscious programming, that create our health and wellbeing, or lack thereof.


All of that said, the question becomes … what can we as individual people do to clear the unhealthy beliefs and programs that reside within each of us … those very beliefs that we aren’t even always aware of … the ones that silently sneak up on us and create diseases that are not at all desirable, that in fact are not at all how we would like our lives to be?

In an effort to help each of you look at your prospective health and well being, I have created a new modality I am now referring to as “Epigenetic Angelic Rx’s … A Practical Application of the Science of Epigenetics.” You might call it “You Can Heal Your Life” on steroids, or Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of Belief” simplified.

The process itself is simple. We start with an overall review of your family history to discover any unhealthy family discord/patterns/addictions/diseases. Once the patterns are identified we work to uncover the underlying emotional conflicts contributing to each of them. The next step is connecting the dots between them all. You might say we look at it all through the quantum field, creating a spider web of interconnectivity and awareness of how all the beliefs have played off of one another to create your current reality.

Once we have all this information in place we create an “Epigenetic Rx” that will help you to untangle this web of beliefs that has literally created your physical reality, as well as your ability to maneuver this third dimension in which we live. An Epigenetic Rx if you will that will help you to eliminate the limiting belief patterns that keep it so securely in place. Your Epigenetic Rx will include an array of emotional healing tools ranging from art and essential oils, to affirmations and music. Think of it as Bruce Lipton’s scientific research from a practical perspective, with tools added to help you improve your life.

My new Epigenetic Angelic Rx’s make the new science of Epigenetics understandable! The results achieved thus far with my clients have been nothing short of amazing. They are filled with excitement and renewed hope that the challenges they’ve dealt with for years, or even decades, now not only make sense, they have a blueprint/roadmap that will enable them to disengage from the matrix of false limiting beliefs passed on from generation to generation. They not just feel, they know, they have found the road to recovery.

While I can’t make you any promises ~ I can offer you one thing and that is hope … Hope that at the end of the day, if we look at these emotional conflicts … and you heal them, you will not only be happier … Your immune systems will in turn function better … and when the immune system is operating at an optimal efficiency level the chances of contracting diseases will be simply be lessened.


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Epigenetic Rx’s ~ 

Healing Your Emotional DNA

The process itself is simple. We start with an overall intake session in which we review your family’s history to discover any unhealthy familiar patterns/addictions/discords/diseases.

Then we identify the emotional conflicts contributing to those discords and create an Epigenetic Rx designed to easily shift those unhealthy patterns into new healthy belief patterns.

Your Epigenetic Rx will include an array of emotional healing tools ranging from art and essential oils, to affirmations and music.

Epigenetic Rx’s ~  Uncovering Your Emotional DNA


Epigenetic Rx’s Session

In Depth Health Analysis $495 ~

A private 2 hour Epigenetic Rx’s Session to assess your current state of well being.



EPIGENETIC ANGELIC Rx’s help you understand your emotional DNA …         

   And make managing your health easier. 

Health Disclaimer: The author, Lori Daniel Falk, is a Health & Wellness Coach only, not a licensed health care practitioner. Although Lori has compiled research findings on alternative healthcare treatments included in this article, she does not claim to be an expert in these fields or to have medical or professional expertise in these fields. She in turn encourages each person reading the information contained herein to draw their own conclusions as to the potential benefits of each complementary and alternative medical treatment listed and to seek medical advice from their medical doctor before undertaking any such therapy.