The Creation Process

It’s the colors, the symbols, the energy that goes into the layers of these portraits that make them the powerful transformational healing tools they are …

“The Angels have told me that it would take several life times to gain the amount of knowledge necessary to fully embrace the ascension process we are currently evolving through. As we don’t presently have the luxury of that amount of time, they are encoding these Angelic Message Portraits™ with the energy of that wisdom. The portraits then work with you at a heart level, enabling you to assimilate that knowledge directly into your emotional field, bypassing the cognitive mind, and enabling you instant access to it, without the need for total intellectual comprehension.”

— Mystical Artist, Lori Daniel Falk


Evolving Into Wholeness … July 2012



Finding My Path … February 2011



August 2010 …



Becoming My Authentic Self … July 2011



Energizing My Work … 2011



August 2010 …



December 2008 … Cathy



December 2008 … John