Artist’s Statement

LoriNewMemberPhotoWow, I’m an artist. Not only that, I’m a Visionary Artist. How I got here is as big a mystery to me as it is to anyone?

I spent most of my adult life living someone else’s idea of who and what I should be. I believe that “someone” was the media, or pop culture, or whoever created the super woman syndrome complete with the notion that women should try to emulate men in the workaholic professional world, while simultaneously being the perfect wife, doting mother and home maker extraordinaire. I gave it my best shot, but somehow it never quite seemed to be a good fit.

Shortly after the Harmonic Convergence took place in 1987 (a time of awakening for many) I began to see the light. Anything and everything of a spiritual nature began to intrigue me. I couldn’t get enough of it!  Then my divine communication channels began to magically open, and right after 9/11 I began channeling messages (receiving telepathic communications) from the angels.

At first the angels guided me to become a Spiritual Life Coach (which I didn’t even know existed prior to their recommendation).  I enjoyed this so much I thought I had found my life purpose, my passion, my reason for being.  Until I met a wise Shaman, of course. Chief Robert TallTree told me, much to my dismay, that I was quite mistaken … it was only part of my purpose.  He informed me that while I was helping others find their joy, I was not in touch with my own.  It wasn’t long after that, the angels started telling me to DRAW. I resisted at first (for 6 months nonetheless), but eventually decided to humor them.

And then it happened … I sat there in front of my altar with a blank piece of paper and the angelic messages started pouring in … they told me what colors to use, what to draw, where to place it, what it meant. It was the most incredible thing I’ve yet to experience in this lifetime. The angels told me to use this medium to bring forth their messages in both pictures and words.

And so that’s what I do. I invoke the angelic realm and ask them questions like, “What does the world need to know NOW … about world peace … or attracting a soul mate … or creating a harmonious family environment … or stopping the sexual abuse of children?”  Then I listen to, and record, their words of wisdom. And when their message on the subject in question is complete they tell me not only what to draw, but how to draw it. The colors, the symbols, the energy coming through my hands, all gets embedded into the page, creating artistic pieces that serve as emotional healing tools. It is what the angels infuse into the art that truly heals your heart and in turn your mind, body, and soul.

Michael Jackson once said, “I believe that all art has as it’s ultimate goal, the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine.”  This fully describes my art … Through the use of pastel chalks, mineral pigments and illuminating glitter I am able to capture the healing energy of the divine in angelic portraits that engage the viewer through their use of vibrant color and reflective light, while simultaneously enabling them to assimilate the ‘Wisdom of the Angels’ … directly into their emotional field, simply by igniting their hearts.  

As I write this I can hear the speculation these words must stir up. Trust me when I tell you, I was a bigger skeptic about all of this than anyone. So I decided to test the concept on my deepest and darkest wounds. When the healings began to occur within me, I could no longer deny what was happening.  By opening to this process I have seen magic occur before my very eyes.  Plus, with no formal artistic training, I have created art that’s been so well received it has found homes in over twenty countries around the world. Now that’s magic in and of itself.

Today I’m no longer living someone else’s version of reality; I’m living mine … and it is, as the Shaman said it would be, filled with joy!

— Lori Daniel Falk, Visionary Artist