Pet Contracts Go on Well Beyond This Lifetime

You, Your Pets, and Your Sacred Contracts

The Connections Go on Well Beyond This Lifetime …

By Thought Leader, Lori Daniel Falk

Our beloved pets are so much more than just furry little friends. The bond we share with them is deep and profound. Their unconditional love and lack of ego, enables our relationship with them to often run deeper than that of our human loved ones and friends. While we spend countless time caring for their physical needs, they are continually soothing our souls and transmuting the stress of our daily lives.

The “sacred contracts” we have with our beloved pet companions, are some of the most significant relationships we experience in our lives. When we take a closer look at these contracts we can see that in many ways we are each other’s spiritual caretakers. It is said that our pet’s soul has been drawn to us in order to benefit from our level of consciousness. Yet, in truth, we have much to learn from our animal friends. These pets are at times referred to as “familiars”… representing a deep soul connection beyond measure.

Unfortunately through the normal course of life, most of us at some point will experience the loss of our beloved fur babies. And it has been said that the loss of a pet is as significant to the pet owner as the loss of a child. As the primary care giver throughout their entire life, even in our pet’s “old age” we are caring for them much the same as we would a human child. The grieving experience in turn, can actually be more intense than the loss of a parent or other human loved one.

So how do we navigate such deep gut wrenching loss? It goes without saying that we will grieve the loss of their physical presence in our day-to-day lives. Their absence will be palpable. Sometimes we will wonder who we are without them … or how we can possibly go on. Yet if we look closely, we begin to see that just because life is changing, it doesn’t mean that life is lost.

What helps is to think of death as simply a transformation. Their physical body has transitioned into a being of light and their consciousness remains. Think of it this way … in the old third dimensional world we would say goodbye and move on. In the new fifth dimensional paradigm in which we now live, we can find closure by saying hello to their spiritual being and communicating with them in higher more intuitive ways. So rather than grieving and saying goodbye, consider instead inviting them to connect with you in this new way.

Let me explain by giving you a peek into the sacred world that existed between myself, and my beloved Tallie Ann, whom I recently lost after 14 plus magnificent years together. The grieving was nothing if not overwhelming. Yet when I opened up to the possibility of connecting with her in this new more conscious way, not only did the real healing begin, my life began to take on new meaning. I felt myself growing, and my consciousness expanding in the most incredible ways.

As soon as I could come up for air, I asked Tallie to connect with me … to give me signs … to let me know she was OK. One day I told her that I needed another dog ASAP as I could barely breathe in such an energetically empty home. Within hours of my request, a friend of mine offered me one of her beautiful Golden Retrievers, an 11-year-old girl named Maisy. I immediately said yes, as I knew it was Tallie’s answer to my prayer and the healing has been nothing short of miraculous.

Shortly after that I began to see blue orbs bouncing about once in awhile. I didn’t’ think much of it at first as I often see Archangel Michael as a blue orb when I’m working with clients. But then I realized this was happening randomly in my life … and not while I was working. I began reading a book on the afterlife of pets and there was an entire chapter on orbs that went on to describe the meanings of the colors our pets choose to appear as. I knew instantly why Tallie had chosen the color blue. She was offering me courage and strength and most of all FAITH.

A few days later I was out and about and I saw a license plate that said “Bluebird” … I knew this was not a coincidence. Then her father started singing the song, “I Wish You Love.” Chills ran up and down my spine as he sang, and tears rolled down my eyes. I knew instantly it was Tallie’s way of connecting with him as he is a musician and the chorus of the song includes the verse, “I wish you bluebirds in the spring, to give your heart a song to sing.” We’d been looking for a song to use for her video tribute. It was then we knew she had found it for us. (Check it out on my Facebook page … but only if you have a box of tissues by your side.)

And so when this inevitable time comes in your own life with your beloved pet, I encourage you to explore that sacred contract between the two of you. Even more I encourage you to explore the reality that it lives on forevermore in your heart, in their spirit, and in the consciousness of all that is.

© Lori Daniel Falk 2017



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Thought Leader, Lori Daniel Falk is an Epigenetic Healing Artist, Author, and Spiritual Life Coach who has been gifted with an artistic healing modality that enables her to communicate with, and share, the wisdom of the angels in both pictures and words. Her Angelic Message Portraits™ are not just images of beauty, they are epigenetic tools designed to heal at a deep emotional level. To date they have found homes in 25 countries around the world and have graced the covers of numerous magazines.  Ms. Falk has been a featured guest on both radio and TV.  Her recent books, “What the World Needs to Know NOW, Wisdom of the Angels,” and “Angelic Rx’s for Manifesting Adult Coloring Book” are available on both and