What I Know For Sure …

When Spirit Wants Your Attention,

It Will Get It






Oprah is famous for her saying of “What I know for sure …” Well what I know for sure is that when spirit wants to get through to you, spirit will find a way.


A few years back when I had gotten a wee bit off track with my spiritual mission and life purpose I was “in-spired” by an unlikely candidate. Someone quite frankly that kinda questioned everything I was about and everything I was doing. So you gotta know when something profound comes from such an unlikely place, you probably ought to listen.


Seems my friend had heard an ABC news story* in which a woman who is a widow was petitioning Hallmark to create a line of Hospice Cards.  Apparently this woman’s husband was hospitalized with cancer and he received a plethora of “Get Well Soon” cards, followed by a number of serious illness cards. But when all hope for recovery was gone and he entered hospice care, the cards stopped coming. The wife was quoted as saying,  “You get cards and messages when you are fighting the good fight, but … once people hear the word hospice, they tend to shut down.”


Truth of the matter is the card industry makes very few Hospice Cards. Most of the time you can’t even find them. So after listening to the story, I woke up one day and said, “If not me, who? If not now, when?” With a degree in Spiritual Psychology, and a career as a spiritual life coach, I am dealing with people’s emotions everyday. I realized this was a divine decree. Plus to be honest, I’ve experienced my fair share of loss over the years as well. I’ve been ‘on the front line’ with this one myself. I know how challenging it can be, and the biggest problem each time was wondering what to say.


I dove in and did a wee bit of research. I discovered my hypothesis was true … dying people are often ostracized from society, even avoided by close friends and family. The reasons vary as to why, but the overruling theme is simply that people don’t know what to say. So they avoid the situation entirely, leaving the loved one feeling lost and alone.


Beautiful Heartfelt Greeting Cards




I knew I had to do something about this. I needed to find a way to bridge that gap for people. So I decided to create a line of greeting cards that would open the lines of communication, allowing for a deeper connection and heartfelt sharing during those last precious moments of someone’s life. The art used for these greeting cards is special in and of itself.  It is part of my line of Angelic Message Portraits™.  This channeled artwork contains the healing energy of the angels. Just a little added bonus 😉


My goal with these Hospice Greeting Cards is simply to help people find the words that will jump start an open, honest conversation, helping them to reveal what is in their hearts, and in turn create a closer, more loving environment during someone’s final days.  I created these cards to be conversation starters if you will, enabling people to find comfort in knowing how to share what is in their hearts.


The cards address such topics as finding inner peace during this tumultuous time; reminding someone that they have been “the light of your world”; sharing how difficult this is for you, as well as them; assuring your loved one that their spirit shall live on forevermore; and simply thanking them for sharing their precious life with you. The messages are heartfelt and poignant, designed to not only deliver a message of love to the dying, but to be the stimulus for truly meaningful conversations.


Well that’s the story of how spirit got my attention and inspired these beautiful cards … Truth of the matter is, most of the people who have seen these cards, consider them to be “Relationship Cards” … that’s actually what Blue Mountain Arts feels. They are currently test marketing these cards in their Artist Series Poetry Test.

* http://abcnews.go.com/Health/hallmark-end-life-cards/story?id=18532301#.UYrz75VDGXw

Back to You …

I’d love to hear what you think. Let us know your thoughts on the cards, this story, all of it.  And yes, we do have some available for purchase if you’re interested.


Beautiful Heartfelt Greeting Card Set

InnerPeaceCard JoyCard SpiritualTransCard
ILoveYouCard HeavenCardIWantYoutoKnowCard





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