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Soul Integration Angel

Soul Integration Angel

According to Malidoma Some’, in the Dagara indigenous spiritual and cultural traditions of Burkina Faso, West Africa it is customary for pregnant women to go through a ritual with the elders of the tribe. The purpose of the ritual is to connect with the soul of the incoming baby; to find out who it is; why it’s coming at this time; what it’s purpose is; what it likes or dislikes. In other words what it’s “gift” is. Once this information is known, a name is created that reflects this gift, reminding the child each time it’s name is spoken, what they came here for. In the Dagara tradition, you own your name up until the age of five. After the age of five, your name owns you. This, rather than everything, is what is expected of you.

We in modern societies are not raised with the wisdom of these ancient traditions. Rather than being encouraged to be “all that we (personally) can be”, most of us are simply filled with the “shoulds” of life, We should go to college. We should get married. We should have 2.4 kids. We should get a great job with a 401 K and fabulous benefits. For many of us all these “shoulds” feels like selling your soul to the devil. It’s really not the devil we’re being sold to, it’s just that we’re selling ourselves short. So few of us were ever asked what was in our hearts to do … or what our souls were yearning for. And very few of us were ever encouraged to follow that wise all knowing guidance in our hearts.

Our new Soul Integration Angel is designed to help you do just that. It is encoded with the wisdom to help you find the knowing that lies deep within your heart. It will help you unlock the wisdom and inner knowing of what you came here to do. You see, very similar to Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers, you’ve had the power all along. Let this Soul Integration Angel help you get back in touch with the wisdom of your soul and begin to live the life you truly came here to live.

Original Art 18 x 24

Sold  Private Collection. ..Dousman, Wisconsin


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