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Family Love Angel Family Love Angel

Family Love Angel

In recent years I have had the extreme honor of witnessing the purity of love that exists in some families. My wish would be that the world would get to a place where this type of love would prevail above and beyond anything and everything else. Until that time, we can heal the world one person, and one family at a time. This “Family Love Angel” was created as a multigenerational representation of one of these very families. The lack of judgement that exists within this type of unconditionally loving family unit allows for personal growth for each individual family member. When we are surrounded by love when we fall, getting back up and learning from the experience is that much easier. When it does not exist, and family members are shamed rather than assisted the end result is often low self esteem and the attraction of similar repetitive experiences. Let us gather around one another with true love and compassion, and honesty and understanding, so that we all may grow and learn and ascended to a higher level of unconditional love and happiness. Let this Family Love Angel strengthen the love within your own family members.

Original Art 18×24

Sold  Private Collection … Milwaukee. WI


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