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Positive Attitude Angel

Artist Enhanced Print

Enhanced with diamond dust, mineral pigments and glitter paints ~ all of which add sparkle and magic to the art. This artist enhanced portrait carries an additional level of activated angelic light.

“As I create the additional layers, I can literally feel the angels working through me, infusing even more healing energy and wisdom into the depths of each portrait. The Enhanced Art is designed to catapult you forward at even greater speeds … elevating your vibrational frequency to higher and higher levels of love and joy. And the beauty of the finished piece is just spectacular!”  — Mystical Artist, Lori Daniel Falk

The Positive Attitude Angel is designed to…

  • Help you let go of things that you don’t need
  • Allow you to feel free and follow your heart
  • Assist you in letting go of anger and negativity


The Positive Attitude Angel is perfect for:

  • Anyone who needs a little light in their lives
  • People who want to work on being more optimistic
  • People who are beginning new chapters in their lives
  • Anyone who needs a spiritual or emotional boost


Positive Attitude Angel’s Message …

The Angels tell us the surest way to achieving and maintaining a healthy Positive Attitude is to let go of that which is no longer serving us. We need to go deep within ourselves and do an emotional house cleaning. Once that is accomplished we are free and clear to follow our hearts. For it is in the following of our heart’s desires that we will find true joy. When we open ourselves to that divinely inspired passion we will know we have found not just the right path, but our path. It is then, the angels remind us, that we are to not get caught up in the details of how this will be accomplished. For ours is not to determine how . . . ours is simply to allow.
Let this Positive Attitude Angelic Message Portrait help you to find and follow the passion that burns within you.


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Exciting News!


We’re thrilled to tell you that our Positive Attitude Angelic Message Portrait™ was just featured on the cover of The Monthly Aspectarian Magazine, the foremost voice in the Midwest for those seeking enhancement of body, mind, and spirit. We highly encourage you to click on the above link and check out “this must read” magazine!


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