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Emotional Healing Art

Emotional Healing Angel Artist Enhanced Print

New Artist Enhanced Prints

Enhanced with diamond dust, mineral pigments and glitter paints ~ all of which add sparkle and magic to the art. This artist enhanced portrait carries an additional level of activated angelic light.

“As I create the additional layers, I can literally feel the angels working through me, infusing even more healing energy and wisdom into the depths of each portrait. The Enhanced Art is designed to catapult you forward at even greater speeds … elevating your vibrational frequency to higher and higher levels of love and joy. And the beauty of the finished piece is just spectacular!”  — Mystical Artist, Lori Daniel Falk

The Emotional Healing Angel is designed to:

  • Help you feel positive during the process of letting go
  • Allow you to lovingly embrace emotions that are no longer serving you
  • Allowing you to let in and feel forgiveness for self and others


The Emotional Healing Angel is perfect for:

  • Anyone who has been emotionally hurt in any kind of relationship


Emotional Healing Angel’s Message

Let this angel of Emotional Healing work with you to lovingly move through the process of letting go of the emotional baggage and limiting beliefs buried in your subconscious mind that are no longer serving you and often prevent you from living the life of joy you are so deserving of.

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