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Angel of Hope Artist Enhanced Print

New Artist Enhanced Prints

Enhanced with diamond dust, mineral pigments and glitter paints ~ all of which add sparkle and magic to the art. This artist enhanced portrait carries an additional level of activated angelic light.

“As I create the additional layers, I can literally feel the angels working through me, infusing even more healing energy and wisdom into the depths of each portrait. The Enhanced Art is designed to catapult you forward at even greater speeds … elevating your vibrational frequency to higher and higher levels of love and joy. And the beauty of the finished piece is just spectacular!”  — Mystical Artist, Lori Daniel Falk

The Angel of Hope is designed to:

  • Remind you that you have the power to resolve things that seem to be bothering you
  • Enable you to put words into action
  • Inspire loving and positive thought processes
  • Teach you the importance of kindness
  • Bring you comfort, when you need it most
  • and replace your fears with the healing power of love!


Angel of Hope is perfect for:

  • Anyone dealing with health issues
  • Those with financial woes or concerns
  • Anyone who needs a little extra “light” in their lives!


Message from the Angel of Hope

The Angel of HOPE reminds us that we have the power to resolve things that seem to be bothering us. As co-creative spiritual beings, having a human experience, we need only remember who we really are and put our power into action. The first thing we must do is stop buying into the illusion of the situation. Rather than listening to the critics, naysayers and skeptics, and believing that the sky is falling, perhaps we should remember what is truth. And the truth of the matter is that things aren’t really falling apart; rather they are changing, growing and evolving into something so much grander and greater than anything we have ever known. It’s simply time to do things better. It’s not a revolution we’re seeking, it’s a kinder, gentler, more loving approach to life that we’re after and that folks, includes business, finances, world affairs and even our own interpersonal relationships. We must get a crystal clear picture of what we’d like our world, and our lives, to look like. We must believe with all our heart and all our soul that we can have what it is we are wanting. In fact, we have to believe it so much that we can actually feel the excitement of how we will feel when we actually have it.

Let this Angelic Message Portrait be your talisman for Hope. Let her bring you comfort in time of need, peace in times of turmoil, and most important of all, let her replace fear with the healing power of love.


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