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I Want You to Know That I Love You …


I want you to know that this is hard for me.


Like you, I too feel frightened and unsure of what is happening.


I feel unprepared and under qualified …


I simply don’t know how to handle this.


Yet, I want you to know that I love you.



I want you to know that nothing has meant more to me


than our experiences together …


Both the good and the bad.


We learned from it all, and in the end I wouldn’t change a thing.


I would tell you I forgive you,


Yet there is nothing to forgive.



So let me just say “thank you” …


Thank you for your love, your wisdom, your presence in my life.


Thank you for the joys and the sorrows that we’ve shared.


Thank you for simply being you …


and sharing your precious self with me.


Thank you simply, for the gift of your love


Hospice, illness, love, greeting cards, death, dying     Hospice, illness, love, greeting cards, death, dying


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Hospice Greeting Card

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