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Celestial Communication I

This CD begins by addressing any fears or concerns you might have about connecting with the spiritual realm. While these angelic beings have only our best interests at heart, and want only to bring more joy and love into our lives, our cultural conditioning or lack of experience in this area can bring up fears of the unknown. An angelic soul clearing with Archangel Michael will help eliminate any concerns you might have. As our connection with the spiritual realm is at its finest when our energy centers are open and balanced, the next guided visualization will help you balance your chakras. Then, once you’ve cleared your fears and balanced your chakras, you’ll go on a celestial journey to meet your Guardian Angels.
Tracks …

1. Angelic Soul Clearing With Archangel Michael – 11:50 Minutes
2. Meditation to Clear and Balance Your Chakras – 24:56 Minutes
3. Meditation To Meet Your Guardian Angels – 10:54 Minutes

Sample the magic of this CD with this Meditation to Meet Your Guardian Angel …

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