Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Angelic Message Portraits


What is a custom angelic message portrait?
A custom angelic message portrait is a peice of art created specifially for you to enhance the good things in your life, and help transition you to a place where you can receive more love, joy, happiness & health!  The art can help you answer specific life questions or broad topics, whichever will benefit you the most.


What should I expect during my session?
The session will consist of an angel reading for a particular area in your life (of your choice!)  The art created during the sessions will then work with you at a heart level to assist you during the necessary transitional period.  The art is designed to bring you more love, joy, romance, hope, health, and/or wealth!  Whenever you need it most.


How long does it last?
Each session typically lasts an hour to an hour and a half.  (60-90 minutes)

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