The Mysteries of Joy

An Enchanted Evening of Angel Channeling

With Contemporary Mystic, Lori Daniel Falk

According to the Angels, JOY is our natural state of being … It’s what we’re really here to experience, and yet so few of us seem to be able to access this feeling on a consistent basis. At this workshop Contemporary Mystic, Lori Daniel Falk, will attune with the angelic realm, asking simply … “What do THESE loving people need to know NOW to experience more JOY in their lives?” The angels will bring forth a channeled message targeted specifically for those who are gathered. Lori will channel their loving messages and share them with you. But here’s the best part … she will also assist YOU in learning how to hear their messages clearly for yourself. You’ll then listen to mystical angel music while Lori creates an Angelic Message Portrait™ infused with the energy of the angels’ messages. The finished portrait will serve as a transformational energy healing tool designed to raise each person’s vibrational frequency to that wonderful level of JOY!

*Each attendee will be offered an opportunity to purchase a Limited Edition print of the angelic portrait created specifically for this group.

Join us for this magical evening of loving angelic messages …

Experience the loving energy of your own angels …And learn how to have more JOY in your life!