Marketing With Spirit

Energetically Attract Professional Success & Financial Abundance By Applying the LAW OF ATTRACTION to Your Business with Spiritual Life Coach, Lori Daniel Falk.

MARKETING WITH SPIRIT isn’t just about “marketing” your business.
It’s about ENERGETICALLY ATTRACTING success and abundance into all areas of your life.
Whether it’s promoting a new product, or promoting yourself, what you’re really attempting to do is ATTRACT the right people or situations to you. This program will help you do just that.

Join us as we explore this innovative new approach to managing your “unspoken” marketing messages . . .
· Are you energetically in alignment with your desires?
· Are your unconscious limiting beliefs blocking your abundance?
· Are your feelings in alignment with your marketing message, your goals, your desire for

Join us for this cutting-edge new program and learn how to. . .
· Rid yourself of the limiting beliefs that are curtailing your success
· Set an intention to have your business/career flourish with grace and ease
· Go to the Virtual Office in you mind and consciously create the business/career you truly
· Create a Divine Team to assist you in blending the physical with the non-physical marketing
· Become an energetic magnet and literally pull your dreams, and your clients, right
toward you

Here’s what some of our past participants have to say . . .

“Your class was so empowering & enlightening. You gave me the encouragement that I needed & the faith that I had let slip away, that I am where I am supposed to be!!!! I came away with a reawakened sense of peace & joy. Thank you sooo much Lori, I can’t begin to tell you how much your class changed my life.”
–With much gratitude, Love & Light, Sherrie

“Last year Lori helped me achieve a 28% increase in my income. This class helped me amp up my performance as an influential leader in the numismatic market. I have never felt so strongly about an educator to make this kind of recommendation . . . Lori’s very knowledgeable about her subjects and articulate, she gives full attention to each of her students, and speaks from her heart.”
— Mark, Numismatist and Writer

“You would not believe this but my business is starting a huge shift already Š I didn’t see how it was manifesting until your class Lori. My whole being shifted. I love it! Everything is making complete and total sense.”
–Love, Janet, Naturopath

Let us bring this program to you. . .

I’d be delighted to bring this program to your company, church, store, even your home. Get a group of 25 or more prepaid registered guests and you can attend for FREE.
· Friday Night Intro 7 – 9
· SATURDAY WORKSHOP, 10:30 – 5:30 p.m.

Please contact
The Crystalline Institute at 262.347.0797 or e-mail for additional details, pricing and availability.

I do hope you’ll join us as we explore how to use the magic of the LAW OF ATTRACTION to achieve success in our lives!