Celestial Coffee Clatsch

An in depth look at communicating with your angels.

Literally thousands of people around the world, just like you, have learned to talk with their angels and the spiritual realm. This exciting workshop will teach you how to access your angels and guides to request assistance in solving problems, receiving and interpreting inspirational messages, and providing love and support to you in your everyday life.

Our Celestial Communication Classes are structured with a perfect blend of information sharing and experiential activity. In addition to learning more about your angels and the celestial realm, you will participate in a number of powerful, heart-felt processes that will actually connect you with these benevolent beings and the wisdom they are so wanting to share with you. The material presented is based on the principals taught by Doreen Virtue in her book Divine Guidance and Trudy Griswold and Barbara Mark’s Angelspeake books and program.

Topics will include:
Creating Space Physically and Emotionally
· Preparing the Spiritual Space, Angel Journals and Angel Alters
· Healing the Fears / Clearing the Blocks to Receiving Divine Communication
An In Depth Look at the Spiritual Realm
· Angels, Guardian Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters and Avatars
Celestial Communication Methods
· Channeled Writings
· Vivid Dreams and Day-Dreams, Guided Visualization and Meditation
· Determining Your Divine Communication Style
An In-depth Look at the Four Divine Communication Methods and Ways to Enhance Your Skills in Each
· Claircognizance
· Clairaudience
· Clairvoyance
· Clairsentience

Message from the Angels . . .

“We aren’t that difficult to hear, if you will listen for us with an open heart. Most of the time, we are closer to you than you can imagine. A whisper, a thought, is the only signal we need from you to get a conversation started. We have enormous respect for what you’re going through here on planet Earth at this time. We never seek to interfere with your lives, only to bring you blessings of insight and new ways of looking at yourselves.”
— channeled by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., author of the book Divine Guidance

Your facilitator is Lori Daniel Falk.

Let us bring this program to you. . .
I’d be delighted to bring this program to your company, church or group. Please contact
The Crystalline Institute at 262.347.0797 or e-mail for additional details, pricing and availability.

This program is available in 4 formats . . .
· A 2-hour seminar
· A half day class
· An all day program
· A two-day workshop

Heartfelt messages from a few of our clients

Hi Lori, I met with the City planning office yesterday about my museum & school & they brought up many hoops to jump through. I used the connecting angel technique, but didn’t dwell on it. I concentrated on it a day or two ago & then let it go. I got a verbal agreement for the time I need to get my garage project going & finished. Thanks so much for your help!
— Mark F

I so enjoyed and learned a lot from the Angel class. The best was all all the hands/hearts on experiences we did. I am so grateful that (my friend) sent me that email way back when.
— Jeannine