Angel Spirit Circles

The Angel Circles are a time to check in with your guides and angels for loving supportive messages. Whether you are at a fork in the road, looking for a pick-me-up or just want to spend some time in a completely loving, supportive environment, come join us.

Group Settings create intensified spirit contact

Group settings encourage intensified spirit contact. We expect you will find it much easier to make contact with the Angelic realm as a member of our Angel Spirit Circles, than you will on your own. The energy that a group can put out is much stronger and more vibrant than what any of us can individually. And what we learn from each other is priceless!

Join us for this magical experience and…

    • Connect and communicate with the angels
    • Share Angel messages with each other
    • Enhance your intuitive abilities
    • Surround yourself with like-minded people


Join Us Via SKYPE!!!

If you live in an area outside of Milwaukee/Chicago and would like to participate in an Angel Circle, you can easily join us via SKYPE …  Throughout the past year, we’ve been experimenting with SKYPE events and they have been quite successful. Simply register for the class and then call us with your SKYPE name/information and we’ll get you all set up!
We’re also considering teleconferencing our Circles.  If you’d like to JOIN US for this, simply let us know of your interest and we’ll get them on the schedule ASAP!!  Email us at

and we’ll keep you posted as details develop.

Join us for this heartfelt experience of love!

Winter Solstice Pot Luck Holiday Gathering

                           4:00 Pm The Magic of the Winter Solstice ~ A Fireside
Chat With Lori


        6 p.m. ~ Potluck Dinner  & Gift Blanket Exchange
~ Please Bring a Dish to Pass ~
Join all your angel friends for a delightful evening of  Fun!
Shopping Specials Throughout the Evening!

Cost: $29 in Advance, $40 at the door

Early Bird Special through 11/30

Pre-Registration is Required!
For more information contact the Angels at 608-630-8246  or via email at