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What the World Needs to Know NOW



How wonderful you and your loved ones will feel with the “Wisdom of the Angels” at your fingertips!


What do the angels want us to know at this pivotal time in history?

The world is changing at lightening speed, leaving many of us wondering what to do now?
How can we create abundance in a shaky economic market?
How can we maintain a positive attitude when the media has us all in fear?
How do we stay in a state of harmony and grace, when chaos is swirling all around us?
Without knowing what’s actually coming, how do we maneuver through the maze of change taking place in the world today?

The answer is simple … seek wise counsel.

The angels, those unconditionally loving, benevolent beings of light that surround all of us, want nothing more than to hold our hearts and gently guide us through these transitional times. As messengers of God, they carry the divine wisdom of the ages. Seeking their guidance not only makes sense, it seems the only sensible thing to do.

Contemporary Mystic, Lori Daniel Falk,
did just that …

She attuned with the angelic realm asking simply, what do the people of the world need to know now about issues such as … 2012 … the role of the Lightworker … parenting Indigo and Crystal children … creating a harmonious family environment … recovering from abuse … attaining world peace … or our own inner peace … finding our life purpose … manifesting the life of our dreams … experiencing more joy

“What the World Needs to Know Now…
Wisdom of the Angels” contains their answers.

Not only did the angels bring forth their messages for you to read, they channeled beautiful angelic portraits through Lori, that are embedded with healing codes to assist you in grounding this wisdom into your heart, your life, your world. These magical Angelic Message Portraits are wonderful energy healing tools. They calm the mind, soothe the soul and enliven the heart. They carry a benevolent, loving energy from the angels that works with you at a deep heart level to bring comfort in time of need, as well as inspiration, hope and motivation.

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