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Winter Solstice Angel Art

The Winter Solstice

Original Framed Artwork 25×20

This beautiful angelic artwork, was created by Visionary Artist and Angel Communicator, Lori Daniel Falk. She claims it to be her “most authentic piece” as it gives the viewer a glimpse into what she actually sees when she is walking out in nature.
Pastel Chalk on paper. $2995


Private collection … New York

The Winter Solstice Angels are designed to:

  • Let you take a leap of faith
  • Help you grow in faith
  • Teach you to focus your attitudes to be loving and grateful
  • and to bridge the gap between heaven and earth!


The Winter Solstice Angels are perfect for:

  • Anyone who struggles with depression
  • Those who are affected by SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder)
  • People who want to grow in faith & gratitude!



Winter Solstice Angels’ Message for You

A question was posed on eve of the Winter Solstice … “What do we need to do to assist with bringing in the light and helping the ascension process to unfold?” The answer was simple … Take a leap of faith. The message was clearly a wake up call for light workers. Set your intention to accomplish the task at hand and trust that the universe will support you in all ways. You must focus on the Ascension Attitudes of Love, Surrender and Gratitude … and let go of fears and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you or this planet. You will walk with a foot in both worlds … You will be the bridge between heaven and earth, human being and spiritual being. For it is in so doing that you will bridge the gap between the spiritual and the physical, creating a bridge upon which the many can follow.


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