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Musical Inspiration angel art pastel painting

Musical Inspiration Angel

Musical Inspiration Angel is designed to:

  • Remind you that music is an essential part of the manifestation process
  • Tell you to immerse yourself in the joyous jubilation the sweet sounds that music brings
  • Raise your vibrational frequencies

Musical Inspiration Angel is perfect for:

  • Anyone who is involved in music (as a hobby, as a career, etc)
  • Those who are interested in raising their vibrational frequencies
  • Anyone who wants to remind the world the loving power music can possess


Musical Inspiration Angel’s Message

It has been said that music is an essential part of the manifestation process. The notes emanating from music come to us from the highest of all vibrational fields. It’s no wonder that sound healing has gained such popularity the past few years. Immerse yourself whenever you can in the joyous jubilation the sweet sound of music can bring. Let it wash over you and assist you in releasing your limiting beliefs; let it inspire you to new levels unthought of before. Put simply, music is the surest, quickest, most efficient way to raise your vibrational frequency … and that is the key to attracting the life of your dreams. Let this Musical Inspiration Angel help you create all that you’ve been dreaming of.

Original Art & Prints Available


Original Framed Artwork 11×14

This beautiful angelic artwork, was created by Visionary Artist and Angel Communicator, Lori Daniel Falk, to remind us that music and art what will truly heal this world.

Pastel Chalk on paper.

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Available in the following 2 sizes:

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    • 16 X 20  Unmatted Print  … $99.99


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