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Life Purpose Angel

Life Purpose Angel

The Life Purpose Angel is designed to:

  • Get you in touch with your soul purpose, your passion, your reason for being
  • Help you realign the codes of your light body to be in alignment with your life purpose
  • Assist you in finding what your life intentions are & what you need to do to achieve them
  • Enable you to fully embrace your intended path


The Life Purpose Angel is perfect for:

  • Those who have struggled with trying to find out “the meaning of it all”
  • Anyone going through a mid-life crisis or big transition in their life
  • College Grads looking to find the right career path


The Life Purpose Angel’s Message

Have you ever asked yourself what you are really here to do? Do you feel fullfilled doing what it is you are doing? If you are ready to blossom into your magnificence; and especially if you are looking for a career or calling that is in alignment with your authentic self; then the Life Purpose Angel was made for you. She will get you in touch with the core essence of your soul, realigning the very codes of your light body, unlocking their memory and once again enabling you to fully embrace your intended path.

Original Art & Prints Available

Original Framed Artwork 18×24

This beautiful angelic artwork, was created by Visionary Artist and Angel Communicator, Lori Daniel Falk, to help you find and live your divine purpose … to, as Panache Desai says, to awaken you to your “Soul Signature.”
Pastel Chalk on paper.

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    • 16 X 20  Unmatted Print  … $99.99


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