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childhood protection angel art pastel painting

Childhood Protection Angel

Childhood Protection Angel is designed to:

  • Help protect children from sexual abuse
  • Open the door for communication between parent & child
  • Encourage parents to be involved in their children’s life, on a day-to-day basis
  • And to let children know it is safe to share anything that happens to them.


Childhood Protection Angel is perfect for:

  • Anyone who suffered from abuse as a child
  • Those who have emotional/physical disturbances as a result of the abuse
  • Anyone who wants to show support and love for the abused children in the world


Childhood Protection Angel’s Message

The sexual abuse of children is an enormous social issue. So why is it we all too often attempt to literally “stuff” it under the rug and ignore the white elephant sitting in the room? This Childhood Protection Angel burst forth in a brilliant blue hue the exact color of the throat chakra, in an effort to at long last give a voice to the children. To help them know it’s O.K. to ask for help . . . that they really will be heard and listened to . . . that they don’t have to fight this battle on their own anymore. Her message to parents is equally intense. “Prioritize and clear your schedule,” she says, “and focus on your highest priorities . . . those you hold most dear . . . those precious and sacred children who have been endowed in your care.” “Slow down,” she advises, “Stop and smell the roses, watch your children grow and enjoy the beauty of the process.” And then have hope and believe that all will be resolved. For we are told by this Childhood Protection Angel that the closeness that will ensue from this change in behavior will bring forth the honest communication necessary to eradicate this social injustice.

Stop Childhood Sexual Abuse

Our goal is to raise awareness of this often “hidden” social injustice and raise funds to help prevent it.

Original Framed Artwork 18×24

This beautiful angelic artwork, was created by Visionary Artist and Angel Communicator, Lori Daniel Falk, to help open the doors of communication between adult and child and once and for all eradicate the social injustice of childhood abuse.

Original Art & Prints Available


Pastel Chalk on paper.

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