Consciously Create the Relationship of Your Dreams

Join us for this heart-centered, inspirational workshop and learn how to create a lasting, loving relationship …
one that transforms your life …
one that quite literally takes your breath away.

Are you tired of making the same relationship mistakes over and over again?
Would you like to see an improvement in your love life?
Are you ready to find true love – and keep it?
Then join us for this enlightening program!

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this workshop will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to move beyond your old, limiting beliefs, tap into the infinite wisdom of the celestial realm, and consciously create the relationship you’ve always been dreaming of. This program will show you how to achieve a deeper, richer, more evolved level of relationship than you’ve ever known before.

During this heart-centered program you will have an opportunity to …

• Learn about the Angels assigned to assist us with love
• Reverse the Aloneness Imprint we all carry
• Clear your Limiting Beliefs that may be preventing you from enjoying true love
• Discover the 4 Primary Traits Necessary to Attract your Perfect Partner
• Reverse and clear any soul mate contracts you may have with old loves/exes
• Participate in a Perfect Partner Ritual to attract the love of your life
• Participate in several powerful channeled meditations

Here’s what some of our past participants have to say . . .
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for enriching my life again today! I got a whole lot more from today’s workshop than I expected, including some new concepts I don’t remember previously being exposed to, like the idea of the perfect partner. Your presentations are very professional and sincere, and bring us some thought provoking concepts not presented by others. Mark F.

Magic is all around me and through me! I’m thoroughly enjoying (my new man)… I know that it is the angels and our guides… wowing us to make sure that we don’t miss what we are suppose to pay attention to…. I think I’m in HEAVEN… this experience is so rich!!! … I’m tingling as I think about the soul mate class and the power it has… Eve
P.S. Eve got married less than six months after she attended this class!!!

If living without a truly loving relationship is simply not an option for you, then you truly must join us for this interactive play day with the angels!

Presented by Spiritual Life Coach, Lori Daniel Falk.
Lori is often referred to as a Contemporary Mystic. She is a Spiritual Life Coach, Author, Public Speaker, and Visionary Artist who has been gifted with a new artistic healing modality that enables her to communicate with, and share, the wisdom of the angels in both pictures and words. These magical Angelic Message Portraits™ bring comfort in time of need … as well as inspiration, motivation and hope. To date they have found homes in 20 countries around the world. As a Spiritual Life Coach Lori helps her clients find more joy in their lives. Her new book, “What the World Needs to Know NOW, Wisdom of the Angels,” is currently available at


Workshop Cost $150

Early Bird Special … Only $125 (If Prepaid by Feb. 29th)


March, 2012
11 am – 6 pm
The Crystalline Institute
Pewaukee, WI

Pre-Registration is Required!
For more information contact the Angels at 262.347.0797 or via email