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Angel of Recovery

Angel of New Orleans’ Creation Story

The day I created this angel, I arose early and took my dogs out to the woods for a brisk morning walk. The forest was filled with birds, thousands of fluttering, chirping, winged beings that kept swooping around us. Quite unlike anything we’d see on a “normal day” … It was otherworldly if you will. After traipsing through the trails for over an hour, we were ready to head back to the car. As we did, it seemed that we were leading a processional … as if throngs of angels were joining us to made the trek back to the studio to create this Angelic presence that would aid in healing New Orleans from the ravages of Katrina.

Once back at the studio I was guided to take the canvas and pastels outside for this adventure. Once there I was directed to sit facing South. It was there, with the winds gently blowing through my hair, that the creation began to magically unfold. As always, I was divinely guided to the right colors, and images and shapes to create, until almost effortlessly the most beautiful, magnificent angel suddenly appeared on the page. She was delicate and reverent, and yet utterly regal and grand.

And then suddenly, without rhyme or reason, my hand picked up a tissue and brushed her away until there was little that remained. In fact I’d say she was barely recognizable. I sat in stunned silence trying to make sense of it all. She was beautiful … the piece had been complete. And then much like New Orleans, this Angel of Recovery had to be reborn. The finished piece represents a much stronger and bolder version of the original. I must tell you the process quite literally took my breath away from the mere dramatization of what had, and would, actually need to occur.

My friend, Grammy-award winning musician, Barry Goldstein, wrote a song “Angel of New Orleans”. Both Barry and I donated a percentage of the proceeds from our respective artistic pieces to charitable organizations responsible for Katrina relief efforts. In fact it was the birth of this angel that inspired the launch of our current “Angels With a Cause” program, created to raise awareness and profits for charitable causes, while simultaneously exposing the healing power of art to those in need. And it, is as they say, “All in a days work.”

The Angel of Recovery is designed to:

  • Remind you that the road of recovery is filled with endings, but most importantly beginnings
  • Show you that recovery can be a refreshing start and exciting
  • Teach you that patience with yourself and others is vital in the recovery process
  • and encourage you to shower yourself with unconditional love and to enjoy the peace of knowing you can do what you want/need to


The Angel of Recovery is perfect for:

  • Anyone who is rehabilitating from a physical injury (surgery, immobilization, etc.)
  • People who are recovering from an addiction (drugs, gambling, etc.)
  • Those who are recovering from a natural disaster
  • Anyone who is returning home from war overseas



Angel of Recovery’s Message…

Life is filled with “endings” and “beginnings” . . .
the road to recovery signifies both.

It is at once an ending, an end to your old way of being; and at the same time a beginning, a fresh start, a new way to approach your life and the world. You must be patient with yourself during this transitional time; give yourself the same loving kindness you would show another. Shower yourself with the same unconditional love the angels do. And when it gets too tough ASK for their help, they are only a breath away.
The Angel of Recovery encourages you to take back your power. She reminds you that, “You are a divine child of God, capable of co-creating the life of your dreams . . . JUST DO IT!” And enjoy the peace of knowing that you truly can.

Original Art & Prints Available


Originally created to help New Orleans recover
from the ravages of KATRINA …
This is one powerful piece of ART!

Original Framed Artwork 16×20

This beautiful angelic artwork, was created by Visionary Artist and Angel Communicator, Lori Daniel Falk, to remind us that life is filled with “endings” and “beginnings” . . . the road to recovery signifies both. Pastel Chalk on paper.

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