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Angel of Joy

The Angel of Joy is designed to…

  • Help you let your heart SING
  • Show you joy without fear and hesitation
  • and to allow you to truly manifest the life of your dreams


The Angel of Joy is perfect for:

  • Anyone who needs help staying in the moment
  • Those who want to learn how to appreciate the little things in life
  • and for people who simply would enjoy more JOY in their life!!


Angel of Joy’s Message for You…

What brings you JOY? What makes your heart sing? These simple questions are often the toughest to answer; and yet, not answering them is often what is keeping us from living the life of our dreams. Joy is one of the highest emotional vibrations there is. It is through this energy that we can truly manifest the life of our dreams. So dance more, laugh more, do more of whatever it is you love. And know when you’re doing it that you are doing the most important work of all . . . that of attracting to you all that you are so wanting of. Continued in “What the World Needs to Know NOW” ~ Wisdom of the Angels ~

Original Art & Prints Available


Original Framed Artwork 16×20

This beautiful angelic artwork, was created by Visionary Artist and Angel Communicator, Lori Daniel Falk, to help you get in touch with one of the highest emotional vibrations there is … JOY.
Pastel Chalk on paper.



Order Your Matted Print Today!

Available in the following 2 sizes:

    • 11 X 14 Matted Print …. $49.99
    • 16 X 20  Unmatted Print  … $99.99

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