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Angel of Harmony

The Angel of Harmony is designed to…

  • Help you detach from the unnecessary drama in your life
  • Bring you a feeling of a loving and carefree world to any environment
  • Remind you that a moment in life…is just a moment, it does not define your future
  • Bring you positive energy to your life
  • Eliminate worry
  • and manifest your preferred outcomes


The Angel of Harmony is perfect for:

  • Anyone who strives to live harmonious lives
  • People who wish to eliminate their worries and fears
  • Those who need help with being optimistic and peaceful
  • and for those who have trouble with resentments and grudges


Angel of Harmony’s Message for You…

A harmonious and carefree state of being is highly sought after, yet so often it eludes us. The obvious question is WHY? According to the Angel of Harmony, a state of harmony is fairly simple to achieve, if we will simply detach from the drama that surrounds us. It’s everywhere in our families, in our places of employment, in the news. We must remember that whatever’s going on at any given moment, is just a snapshot of that moment. It doesn’t necessarily represent what went on before, nor is it necessarily indicative of what’s coming. When we look at it this way it’s much easier to detach from the situation, take a step back, and conjure up a more positive end result. This positive focus will help us eliminate worry and manifest our preferred outcome.

Original Art & Prints Available


hOriginal Framed Artwork 14×17

This beautiful angelic artwork, was created by Visionary Artist and Angel Communicator, Lori Daniel Falk, to help us remember that whatever’s going on at any given moment, is just a snapshot of that moment … it is not necessarily indicative of what’s coming. Pastel Chalk on paper.

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    • 16 X 20  Unmatted Print  … $99.99


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