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Blended Families art Pastel Prints

Angel of Blended Families

The Angel of Blended Families helps to:

  • Strengthen loving communication amongst family members
  • Encourage your family to accept and love new members
  • Remind you that resolving conflicts need to come from a loving place
  • Support you when unavoidable conflicts arise


Angel of Blended Families is perfect for:

  • Families with step-parents and step-children
  • Newly formed families (second marriages)
  • Families with adopted children
  • Families that foster children temporarily



The Angel of Blended Families’ Message To You…

What is it that truly makes a family?  The answer can be summed up in one word … Love. There is a bond created amongst family members that nothing can penetrate, because it’s a bond built simply upon love. As with anything that is shared by two or more, it continues to grow exponentially, becoming simply a love that never ends. So whether your family is comprised of biologial, adopted, foster, or step- children and parents, it is no doubt built entirely upon this same foundation of love.


While the foundation is solid, cracks in communication may occasionally appear.  As with any situation in which you have a number of personalities involved, the potential for stress can run high at times.  It is during these times we should remember to simply call in a little help from our celestial friends, the angels. They can resolve issues in ways we couldn’t begin to conceive of ourselves. In their infinite wisdom they understand the inner workings of all involved … and in turn, can help us best determine the most appropriate response or solution. Let this “Angel of Blended Families” help smooth the way to more loving and compassionate communication amongst “all” your family members … at all times.


Original Art 18×24

Sold  Private Collection …


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    • • 16X20 Unmatted Print  … $99.99


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