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The 12 Chakra Angel

Original Framed Artwork 16×20

This beautiful angelic artwork, was created by Visionary Artist and Angel Communicator, Lori Daniel Falk, to help us embody the new crystalline energy that has emerged to reconnect us more firmly to our higher selves. Pastel Chalk on paper.

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The 12 Chakra Angel is designed to…

  • Assist you in the healing of old wounds
  • Eliminate your old, limiting beliefs
  • Open you to the ascension process
  • Increase your flow of healthy energy
  • and assist you with angelic awakening


The 12 Chakra Angel is perfect for:

  • Anyone who is learning more about angelic awakening & ascension processes
  • Those who need to replenish their healthy lifestyles and thoughts
  • People who have limiting beliefs that can have a negative impact on their daily lives
  • and anyone who wants to explore a world with endless possibilities!


12 Chakra Angel’s Message for You…

What does the world need to know now to integrate the new 12 Chakra system into our lives, our bodies, our world?
First we must understand that this is right timing … all is in divine order. This is simply part of the ascension process; just another advancement toward our evolution in consciousness. The only thing stopping us is our old wounding. It’s up to us to heal those wounds and open our hearts to allow this in. We must call on the celestial realm, to assist us in removing the old obstacles … to assist us in this critical era of spiritual transformation. The crystalline energy has already birthed itself into the planet, allowing this expansion to occur; all we need do now is embrace it and accept this angelic awakening that is reconnecting us more firmly to our higher selves, to the all that is … and always has been.


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    • 16 X 20  Unmatted Print  … $99.99


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