Coached By An Angel

I want to give YOU … The Best That I’ve Got!

Over the course of the past several years I have found that my Spiritual Life Coaching Work is most effective when we begin with an Angelic Message Portrait™ and then move into the Coaching process … That way the angels set the tone for our coaching by laying out a road map or blueprint in their channeled message. The power of your personalized portrait in turn, jump starts the entire process, as it is activating within you all that we are physically, emotionally and mentally working on throughout our Coaching. It’s really quite magical!
Divine Union Angel

It is with that in mind that we have created Our New Program … “Coached By An Angel”

I will invoke the angels and ASK them to share with us whatever it is you’d most like guidance on. Then I will channel their message for you, so that you can get the wisdom on a cognitive level. Next, I create an Angelic Portrait that contains the energy of that wisdom. It is designed so that every time you view it you are moved emotionally, thereby absorbing the wisdom into your emotional field, where you have access to it 24/7 … bypassing the cognitive mind (which as you know, can sometimes be our stumbling block). The finished piece is “An Angelic representation of the YOU, you are BECOMING.”

From there we will move into our Spiritual Life Coaching work together.
This process is simply amazing! Not only is it designed to help YOU find YOUR life purpose, YOUR passion, YOUR reason for being … It is also a perfect way to find the emotional blocks that are preventing you from obtaining your goals and fulfilling your dreams ~ and heal them, once and for all.

My personal mission as Your Coach is to help you once again view the world as a source of endless possibilities. . . empowering YOU to create … and LIVE … the life of YOUR dreams!

Operating without this type of assistance in today’s ever changing environment, simply no longer makes sense.

“I am honored to personally assist you on your journey!”
~ Spiritual Life Coach, Lori Daniel Falk


Coached By An Angel Program

4 Coaching Sessions
1 Enhanced Angelic Message Portrait
A $2.250 Value
Package Price … Only $1,750


Coached By An Angel – 10 Pack

*The Best Deal Yet*
10 Coaching Sessions
1 Enhanced Angelic Message Portrait
A $4,500 Value
Package Price … Save $1,000 … Only $3,499


Messages From the Heart


A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

I had the extreme pleasure of co-creating an Angelic Message Portrait™ for Dr. Darren Weissman at the “I Can Do It Event” in San Diego, CA.
What an honor and a blessing ~
With Infinite Love & Gratitude



“The beauty and healing power of your art work is what drew me in, and YOU are the reason I started working with you! You are so generous, warm, welcoming, non-judgmental, and loving, which is what made me sign up for my first session. Once people meet you for the first time, you will have them for life!!!   You are AMAZING and have changed my life in ways I could have never imagined.”
– Sarah, Occupational Therapist


“A little more than a year ago I was at a crossroads in my life. Not sure which way to turn or if I even wanted to turn at all. I was stuck and unsure about the future. And then I met Lori. She’s been my life coach for the past year. The results speak for themselves …
I reconnected with my parents and my brother after 13 years of not seeing or communicating with them … I found my passion and true life purpose … and most of all I connected with my Angels and guides and they’ve helped me to find my path in life, and start to really accept and love myself for who I really am. I feel like I am emerging from a cocoon that I’ve been in for my entire life. I owe it to Lori for keeping me on the path and for being my mentor and Earth Angel. Love you Lori.”
– Heather, SVP Global Business Director


“I always get direction/advice/ideas about areas in my life where I have become stagnate.  Coaching with you has been life changing and I always feel better and have a clearer understanding of my personal issues after my session.  It’s amazing!  The time goes by SO quickly.  I feel wonderful and energized afterwords!”
-Kim, Financial Analyst