~ Angels are SEXY ~

Here we stand in the early part of the 21st century and everywhere you look there are angels. Walk into any shopping mall and you’ll find angel cards and angel books, angel jewelry and angel art. Turn on the television and you’ll find TV programs with angel characters playing leading roles. Many of the top news magazines are featuring articles about them, Woman’s World Magazine even has a monthly “Angel Column” by renowned angel expert, Doreen Virtue.

This explosion of interest in angels is unlike anything we’ve seen in hundreds of years; in fact, there has not been so much focus on angels at any time since the Middle Ages. Recent surveys show that nearly 80% of Americans believe in Angels … especially women and kids.  And I’m certain we don’t need to remind you what percentage of the buying public women represent … Put simply, angels are sexy!

It is with this in mind, that we have decided the time has come to start licensing Lori Daniel Falk’s Angelic Message Portraits™. In an effort to bring this healing angelic art to the masses, we are actively pursuing top manufacturers and distributors to license this artwork in the following categories: