Angel Readings

Lori Daniel Falk

Angel Readings: If you could ask the angels anything, what would it be?


Would you ask them about …

• Your finances …
• Your Romantic relationships …
• Your family and friends …
• Your Career direction …
• Your life purpose …
• Your health …

Or would you ask more philosophical questions such as …

• Who or what is God?
• Who am I ?
• What is the meaning of it all?
• What exactly is Karma and how do I Change it?

Believe it or not you can even ask for a strategy plan!

• What can I do to have more abundance in my life?
• How can I let go of my fears?
• How can I attract my soulmate once and for all?


Your Personal Angel Reading

In your personal angel reading I will share with you the angel’s answers to any and all of your personal questions. These readings can be profound on sooooo many levels … It often feels like getting a blessing, while simultaneously learning the answers to your most pressing questions.

The angels are ever so eager to share with you what you need to know to experience more … LOVE, JOY, HEALTH, WEALTH, PEACE AND HAPPINESS.





• Email Angel Reading – $100

 Simply e-mail your question to

• 30 Minute Angel Reading – $175


• 1 Hour Angel Reading – $250


An Angel Reading will …

• Inspire you!
• Help you get clarity as to what’s your next step
• Help you to know you’re not alone
• Heal your heart, mind, body, and soul
• Empower YOU!