SPOTLIGHT Shines a Light on Sexual Abuse




“Til It Happens To You … you won’t know how it feels.”       To which I say, “Thank God.” It is through movies like this, that put a Spotlight on the issue, that REAL change can, and will, happen.


I am thrilled beyond measure that Spotlight won the Best Picture award last night. I screamed so loud you probably heard me at your house (no matter where you live wink emoticon As a survivor myself, I agree with Lady Gaga who says in her song, “Til It Happens To You … you won’t know how it feels.” To which I say, “Thank God.” It is through movies like this, that put a Spotlight on the issue, that change will happen.



I came forward with my own personal story nearly a decade ago simply because I knew that the more open we are about this social injustice, the more likely we are to resolve it once and for all. Being quiet and pretending it never happened only perpetuates the problem. For more on the impact this played in my life, click here.



Spotlight on Sexual Abuse …


In an effort to help those who do know how it feels, I created our Abuse Healing Angel. This is the only original that ever got damaged in any way. I had it in the car one day and the rain got through the crack in the window and landed only on the tears this angel is crying, as if God was crying right along with her.  You can find her at …
If you or anyone you know has dealt with sexual abuse, our Abuse Healing Angel may just bring you the comfort you need. When I first created it for myself, I could barely get near it. First I put it in my bedroom, but alas, she was working so intently with me that I couldn’t even sleep at night. So I moved her into the living room, where once again the healing strength of this angel made me feel very agitated and unsettled. (Dah, whoever said healing from this type of abuse was gonna be easy!?!) Finally I moved her to the foyer, where the healing continued, but at a much more palatable pace. While it was hanging there, two of my coaching clients came in on separate days, stood in front of it, and started sobbing. Neither of them knew what it was created for. Both of them had been sexually abused as young girls.
Wow ~ This one Angelic Message Portrait taught me more about the power and strength of the artistic gift I’d been given than any angel portrait I have made before or since. It taught me that without any cognitive knowing or awareness of what these angels are here to do, the healing takes place. They are designed to work with you at a heart level where true healing can and will occur.


Here’s what the angels have to say about healing from Sexual Abuse …


“There is no getting away from the fact that the impact of abuse penetrates the soul. It matters not whether that abuse is verbal, emotional, or sexual; the end result is something that must be addressed head on for a healing to occur. What most do not realize is that the perpetrator often suffers as much as the victim. Both suffer from guilt and shame … both struggle with fear. Fear that it will happen again … fear that they will be found out … fear that their soul will never heal … not in this incarnation or in all of eternity.”


They remind us that, “Compassion, both for ourselves and the other, is the only thing that can truly heal any injustice. And compassion, more than anything else, is what is needed most. While the victim may never forget the behavior, they must be able to forgive the person who inflicted it on them . . . The perpetrator in turn, must be able to acknowledge they are having this experience for a reason, even if they don’t understand what it is, and find a way to forgive themselves in order for a healing to occur.


The angels remind us, “We must always remember, ‘It is all in divine order’ . . . even when we don’t remember how that can be. For the contracts we signed prior to incarnation spelled all of this out. And these contracts dear ones were created by divine infinite souls who loved us so much they were willing to carry out this seeming atrocity in an effort to help us learn something wonderful about this world, and about ourselves.”


Angel of Child Protection pastel painting


Spotlight on Preventing the Sexual Abuse of Children

Here’s this Angel’s Message … 


“The sexual abuse of children is an enormous social issue. So why is it we all too often attempt to literally “stuff” it under the rug and ignore the white elephant sitting in the room? This Childhood Protection Angel burst forth in a brilliant blue hue the exact color of the throat chakra, in an effort to at long last give a voice to the children. To help them know it’s O.K. to ask for help . . . that they really will be heard and listened to . . . that they don’t have to fight this battle on their own anymore.


Her message to parents is equally intense. “Prioritize and clear your schedule,” she says, “and focus on your highest priorities . . . those you hold most dear . . . those precious and sacred children who have been endowed in your care.” “Slow down,” she advises, “Stop and smell the roses, watch your children grow and enjoy the beauty of the process.” And then have hope and believe that all will be resolved. For we are told by this Childhood Protection Angel that the closeness that will ensue from this change in behavior will bring forth the honest communication necessary to eradicate this social injustice.”  You can view her here.


Artist-Signed Special Edition Prints are now available …




 Signed Edition Matted Print … $49.99



Signed Edition Matted Print … $49.99


Lori Daniel Falk, Author/Artist 

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Visionary Artist, author and public speaker, Lori Daniel Falk is often referred to simply as a Contemporary Mystic. She has been gifted with a new artistic healing modality that enables her to communicate with, and share, the wisdom of the angels in both pictures and words. Her Angelic Message Portraits™ bring a feeling of wonderment and inspiration to all who view them. To date they have found homes in over 25 countries around the world, have graced the covers of numerous magazines, are a regular feature on the DailyOm and are exhibited at the Hay House, “I Can Do It” conferences. Lori’s latest book, “What the World Needs to Know NOW, Wisdom of the Angels,” is currently available at
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