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The Edgy Angel Lady’s Insights


Where you will find me projecting much more of my authentic self to YOU, my loyal friends.   Get ready for more of ME … I promise to be REAL, RAW AND OUTRAGEOUSLY honest with you, because the truth is, that’s who I really am. Let’s just call me the “Edgy Angel Lady”! Those of you who have worked with me personally, be that Life Coaching, Angelic Message Portraits, Angel Readings or the like, know that I call it like it is. We laugh our butts off at my live programs and events. Don’t get me wrong, we discuss some crazy serious stuff and deal with many life changing things, but we do it in a way that is wonderfully real.

You see I’m just not the “sugar coat it” kinda gal. Never have been, never will be. (I don’t even like sugar!) Yet somehow my marketing has always reflected a much softer, sweeter image of me. No more! We’re gonna get REAL, we’re gonna have FUN, and we’re gonna address some BIG ISSUES. We’re gonna talk about some huge stuff that I’m incredibly passionate about. Stuff like holistic health and wellness, annihilating limiting beliefs and subconscious programs that are no doubt causing you problems. We’re gonna talk about the CUTTING EDGE stuff that can make a HUGE difference in your life and the lives of those you LOVE. Stay tuned … You aren’t gonna want to miss this!

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