Dancing Star Angel Yoga Mat

Angel Yoga Mats …
What a perfect fit for all you Yoginis out there ~ Imagine the peacefulness you will feel when doing yoga on the Inner Peace Angel Yoga Mat … or the Dancing Star Angel as she helps you to be your best … or the Divine Union Angel as she gently balances your masculine/feminine sides, your giving and receiving in the world … or if you love Power Yoga how about the Activation Angel who will simply light your fire! Whatever your yoga style, we’ve got an Angel Yoga Mat for YOU!

This Dancing Star Angelic Message Portrait was created to help us be all that we can be. Her goal is to help us rise above those fears that keep us from our greatness …
Product Information

Our premium yoga mats feature edge-to-edge printing, a textured, non-slip backing, and 1/4″ thick cushioning so you can strike any pose in style.
Measures 72″ x 24″ x 1/4″

Dancing Star Angel Yoga Mat for $75.00


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